Plumbline® Water Softeners

We’re big fans of tradition.

Introducing Plumbline® water softeners. Traditional style softening systems that treat you right.

A Plumbline® Water Softener is the one appliance that protects all the others, from washing machines to water heaters. No more scale or stains from hard water inside your plumbing, on your fixtures or on your clothing. And clean soft water from a Plumbline® Water Softener keeps you cleaner, too, by rinsing away soaps and shampoos that can dry skin and hair.

Demand Regeneration

Plumbline® Water Softeners monitor your water usage and time regeneration to minimize salt use.

High Flow

Plumbline® systems deliver the high flow rates required by today’s demanding households.

Rugged Construction

Commercial grade components make Plumbline® products work better and last longer.

Multiple Models

Several Plumbline® Water Softeners are available. Your plumbing professional will select the system that best fits your family’s needs.

Interested in learning more about Plumbline®? Have a water professional contact you.

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Owner's Manual, Installation Instructions and Warranty

PS3000 Spec Sheet
PS3500 Spec Sheet
PS3700 Spec Sheet
PS3900 Spec Sheet