Sumo® Water Softeners

We’re powerless to soften your water.

Introducing Sumo® non-electric water softeners. Highly Efficient. Powerfully Compact. Beautifully Simple.

Most softeners have always operated the same way…until now. We started with a clean slate to make sure Sumo® could do what other softeners couldn’t. The result: a system that’s more effective, more reliable, simpler to operate and less expensive to maintain. Take a look at everything Sumo® has to offer.

Non-Electric Operation

Take away the electricity and you eliminate potential timer/computer malfunctions, reprogramming and system down time.

Rapid Regeneration

Sumo® systems can clean themselves in as little as 8 minutes vs. traditional softeners that require more than an hour to regenerate!

Low Salt Use

Save your back! Because Sumo® measures your water use and only regenerates when necessary, it can use up to 75% less salt than traditional systems.

High Flow

Sumo® systems deliver the high flow rates required by today’s demanding households.

Multiple Models

Sumo® is available in several configurations to best meet your needs.

Designed and Assembled in the USA

Interested in learning more about Sumo®? Have a water professional contact you.

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Owner's Manual, Installation Instructions and Warranty

SUMO® I Spec Sheet
SUMO® II Spec Sheet
SUMO® III Spec Sheet