Benefits of Better Water

Let us make one thing perfectly clear.

Why water treatment? Let us show you how fabulous better water can be. Start enjoying these benefits today!

Minimize Spots, Streaks and Stains

Can you spot the hard water in your home? Hard water leaves a layer of film on everything it touches. Keep everything cleaner with soft water. You’ll love the way your fixtures sparkle and your sink shines. You’ll clean your shower door less often and love how clean your glassware gets.

Softer, Cleaner Skin and Hair

Hard water leaves a film on you, too! Hardness minerals combine with your soap and shampoo to form a residue that’s difficult to wash away. You’ll love how luxurious it feels to rinse completely clean with soft water.

Save on Detergents

Most detergents and soaps contain chemical water softeners designed to overcome the hardness found in the majority of US households. Soft water allows detergents to work easier so you can use less and get better results to boot!

Protect Your Plumbing and Appliances

Hard water can form scale inside your plumbing and water-using appliances, hindering performance and longevity. Protect your plumbing and appliances with clean, soft water to keep everything running smoothly.

Save on Cleaning Supplies

Throw away the coupons you have for cleaners you normally buy to address hard water spots, streaks and scum. Since you won’t have to clean up after hard water as frequently, you’ll use and spend a lot less.

Energy Savings

Studies show you can shave nearly 30% off your water heating bills if you have soft water! That’s because your water heater doesn’t have to transfer energy through a layer of scale to keep your water warm, making it much more efficient and helping your heater last longer.

Save Money (and Hassle) Associated with Bottled Water

No more lugging home heavy bottles of water from the store. Drinking water filtration provides you with clean, clear drinking water for a fraction of the cost, all at your fingertips.

Save the Environment

Go green! Using a home filtration system eliminates your reliance on plastic bottles.

Want to learn more about your water? Contact a Monument water professional today!